Online video exposes the real impact of open cast mining

A short video, filmed to highlight the negative impact of open cast mining on local communities in south Wales, has been released on the internet today.

The 3-minute film, produced by campaign group Green Valleys Alliance, focuses on proposals for an open cast mine at Nant Llesg, at the top of the Rhymney valley. The video contrasts the green rolling green hills that exist today with footage from a working open cast mine just a few miles away at Ffos-y-Fran, near Merthyr.

One thought on âOnline video exposes the real impact of open cast miningâ

elwyn jones

I am passionately against this proposed open cast.It is time everyone in Rhymney and the surrounding district realise the full impact it will have.Everything in Rhymney will be blighted for over 20 yrs. As I said in my letter recently published in the Rhymney Valley Express this firm proposing this open cast are not interested in your welfare only how much money they will make if granted planning permission.

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